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Investment climate of Zambia mining industry is analysed
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Zambia is to be located in a landlocked nation with mid Africa. Whole area area kilometer of seventy-five thousand three hundred square, 2.5% what be African gross area only, but it is big country of cobaltic resource of a copper however, contain the world the cupreous reserves of 4% and the cobaltic reserves of 3.9% . In the time that current metal price opens high, rich copper, cobaltic resource makes its are paid close attention to by the more of investor of world mining industry.

One, mineral products resource

Zambia whole area attributes the one part of African platform, wei Wulu of the class northeast (Bangweulu) old plot is Zambia on ground history the stablest area. The Jibaeran of Precambrian (Kibaran) construction moves to Zambia east half area has bigger effect, formed the extensive construction that fold Fu, the Jiadanjia that the tectonic activity with the biggest impact of existing to Zambia area is 500 million years of around is tectonic motion (say extensive is not tectonic motion) again, its are to be in as a result mid in mixing, upper zone formed Lu Fulian (Lufilian) arc, mozambique was formed in southeast ministry (Mozambique) construction takes late the Palaeozoic Era - Mesozoic Era, in western form deposit basin with the south and southeast part area. Special geological condition is in Zambia contain resource of rich mineral products. Especially cupreous cobaltic resource, important place is had on the world. Lapidary natural resources is very substantial also, especially beryl. Other mineral products advocate in include: Gold, silver-colored, iron, zinc, lead, Selenium, manganese, nickel, stannum, uranous, phosphor, steatitic, gesso, sulfur, coal and clay.

1. Copper

Copper is the mineral products resource with the most important Zambia, important place is had on the world. Reserve was 19 million tons 2006 (reserve base is 35 million tons) , 4.0% what take world total reserve about, row world each country the 10th. Basically be deposit oxidation or vulcanization copper bed, concentration distributings to be taken in the Zambia copper mine of the north in Zambia. This belt length makes an appointment with 200 ~ 250 kilometers, wide about 65 kilometers, the area makes an appointment with kilometer of 50 thousand square. Copper mine takes the control that gets Carver anticlinorium construction apparently. Bed submits catenary form in anticlinal both wings along two apart the boreal Xi Xiangping of 30 kilometers goes the line distributings. Already found out the layer with have 7 important to accuse bed and two relatively a few smaller layers to dominate field now. Anticlinal north basically has Mu Fuli to pull on Dong Yi (Mufulira) , Buwana. The bed such as Mukubuwa; There basically is Kong Ke to pull on Na Xiyi (Konkola) , favour prosperous is added (Nchanga) , modest comparing hopes (Chambishi) , Baluba (Baluba) , Qibuluma (.
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