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General situation of resource of mineral products of Xing stage city
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Contain of area under administration of Xing stage city is worn 38 kinds of mineral products such as water of situation of raw material of metal of etc of raw material of black metal, auxiliary raw material, coal, industrial chemicals, building materials, underground, mineral water. Among them 20 kinds of mineral products already controlled bright reserve via geological perambulate. Among them the perambulate rate that the dirty chaos such as mine of magnesian mine of iron ore of coal, iron, gesso, sulfur, whip, cyanite, barite, black lead, porcelain clay, copper, cobaltic, molybdenum produces is higher, and industrial the perambulate degree of the mine broadness such as Bai Yunyan, grey cliff, saggar, bauxite relatively bottom. Not the mineral products that perambulate par already was used by development has stone pyrope, quartz, feldspathic, vermiculite, micaceous, granite, diabase, diorite, quartz earth of embellish of arenaceous, Peng. Because suffer the bounds in mine condition,mineral products resource is in inside area under administration distributinging is disequilibrium, certain mine is planted distributing centrally in local village. With the sanded river village of iron ore resource, there is mineral products land inside the area 25 place, contain is worn the iron ore reserves of 95% above of whole town, at present shallow ministry resource is developed basically already, and because deep resource suffers exploitation to hit a limitative near future to be used hard. With the village in the Xing that resource of metalloid mineral products gives priority to, be located in the churchyard of Xing stage county that north latitude reachs 37 degrees 37 degrees 13 minutes or so, main mine is planted have resource of magnesian mine of Lan Jing stone, barite, gesso, whip, Bai Yunyan and coal. Among them the coronal that the resource reserves such as magnesian mine of Lan Jing stone, barite, whip, Bai Yunyan belongs to Heibei. Give priority to with coal, building materials, chemical industry and nonferrous metal inside grave, face village of city, Long Yao, main mine is planted iron ore of coal, gesso, sulfur, copper, cobaltic, nickel waits. It is I save one of place of production of coal of main coking plant. Especially mine of double tablet gesso is the gesso deposit with Heibei province the largest reserve. Contain of Campagna of the eastpart part of Xing stage city is worn relatively substantial groundwater natural resources. Already discovered mineral water producing area 10 place, 2 place already were developed use.