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Situation of world perambulate budget reviewed 2007
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, budget of perambulate of mineral products of metal of global blame iron was achieved 2007 come 18 years new tall

According to metallic economy group edition of eighteen year " company perambulate strategy " report, global commerciality was not investment of perambulate of iron metal mineral products to suffer costly case to pull 2007 move, increase the 5th year continuously, add up to reachs 10.5 billion dollar (do not include uranium) , achieve the record since 1989.

Budget of perambulate of metal of global blame iron is in 20 centuries grow steadily at the beginning of 90 time, reached peak value 1997 5.2 billion dollar (1) seeing a picture, later drop 5 years continuously, the nadir that fell 12 years to come to 2002 1.9 billion dollar, overall drop 63 % . Later grow 5 years continuously, achieve achieve record level at present.

In metallic economy group the report 2007 is analysed in, 1821 companies that invest more than 100 thousand dollar to perambulate made investigation, its total perambulate investment is 9.99 billion dollar, occupy world commerciality to be not iron metal perambulate to throw about 95% (do not include uranium) . Accordingly, add 5% what did not do an analysis, the perambulate investment 2007 estimates a total 10.5 billion dollar; Relatively grew 40 % 2006. Relatively the 1.9 billion dollar of the cereal end this cycle raises 8.6 billion dollar, grow 450% , relatively on one periodic wave crest -- the 5.2 billion dollar 1997 breaks up time.

Outside the 9.99 billion dollar in dividing afore-mentioned reports, the company perambulate strategy of edition joined uranous perambulate budget first 2007, 363 companies were used at uranous perambulate investment to be 936 million dollar 2007. If include uranous perambulate budget, 2007, was increased 1980 by the gross of investigation company, total perambulate budget is total about 10.93 billion dollar. Increase the budget that fails to obtain, sum of world perambulate pay was 11.4 billion dollar about 2007.

Although uranous before 2007 data is not the data of metallic economy group (2) seeing a picture, but budget of uranous 2007 perambulate and other source data make clear metallic economy group quite, the other mine that in last few years uranous perambulate defray and place of company perambulate strategy study is planted growth is similar; It is 10 times of 4 years ago 92 million dollar. Suffer effect of high uranous price, hill of a few new uranium plans, perambulate financing raises greatly, but uranium is mixed 2 times in the future uranous mix in time supply in great quantities still do not decide.

Although second half of the year is uranous 2007 price fall after a rise, but as a result of a large number of plans or the investment of new nuclear reactor of application is used, major analyst people predict in near future uranium demand will continue to exceed supply, predict to make uranous price and perambulate defray still maintain higher level.
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