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General situation of base of Russia copper raw material
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One, level of world economy progress and cupreous demand

In recent years, develop as economic abidance, use quantity of copper and demand structure had change. The demand structure of world copper was 2004: Bldg. 34% , electric power and electronic industry 28% , mechanical manufacturing industry 14% , carrying trade 12% , other industry 12 % . The cupreous dosage of American bldg. occupied the 48 % of countrywide copper demand 2004.

The current that demand of each economic branch copper increase continuously makes clear, although can use cheaper metal to replace one part copper, but that is one lasts slow process, market level did not produce copper because of this to change apparently. Copper exited the demand domain of certain tradition, new demand field appeared again in the meantime. For example, electronic instrument especially the swift and violent development of the computer, increased cupreous demand apparently. IT domain used the output of world fine copper of 9 % . Come 20 years recently, the cupreous demand of American Information Industry increased 3 times.

Current, electron and car production centre of gravity already changed Asia-Pacific to the country, certainly will drives cupreous demand to grow quickly. According to statistic, came 5 years in the past, the demand of Asia-Pacific country copper increased 14.4 % .

People thinks, between cupreous demand and economic progress level, existence wears some kind to contact (graph 1) .

Graph the 1 country that go up or area can differentiate apparently 4 kinds. The first kind has 10 states, per capita exceeds 25000 dollars, demand of copper of average per capita is 6.5~13.0 more kilogram. These 10 countries are the developed country of high industrialization. The 2nd kind is the Asia-Pacific nation that in recent years economic high speed develops and area. The characteristic of the 3rd kind of country is department of mineral raw material developeds quite, hi-tech industry is obtained somehow development, demand of average per capita decreases apparently, gross National Product of average per capita is a lot of less. The demand of copper of average per capita of the 4th kind of country and Gross National Product of average per capita are very low.

2, the development state of affairs of base of Russia copper raw material

On the world a few produce cupreous big country copper mine type is bed of porphyry copper mine more, the ascertain copper reserves of Russia basically is centered in bed of sulfide copper nickel (42.4% ) , the pyrite that contain copper bed (27.9% ) with bed of the sandstone that contain copper (22.8% ) .
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