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General situation of Russia metal mineral products
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Russia has resource of rich metallic mineral products, the reserves that a lot of mine plant occupies world lead position. Big country of the manufacturing big country that Russia is mine product and exit, mining industry produces the pillar property that is national economy, mine product exit is one of main foreign currency source.

One, black metal

1. Iron

The iron ore reserves of Russia has 100 billion tons about, take world total reserve 1/3 the left and right sides, certain room world the first. The iron ore reserves of Russia half above is centered in bed of a few large iron ore, the reserves of bed of every iron ore exceeds 1 billion tons.

Iron pledges quartzite is main industry type, it is magnetite next model. Russia is major iron ore relatively deficient, iron content does not exceed 30 % ~35% , and the iron ore of the country such as Brazil, Australia is much richer, iron content is as high as % of 55 % ~60.

Of alive bound iron ore in confirming reserve, press per cent computation, russia is occupied 26.9% , wu Kelan is occupied 11.7% , the United States is occupied 3.3% , brazil is occupied 11.1% , australia is occupied 7.3% , china is occupied 10.2% , india is occupied 3.2% , other country occupies 26.3 % .

1991~2006 year, the iron ore crop of Russia fluctuates in 60 million tons more, year demand is controlled on average for 80 million tons. Current, the domestic demand of iron ore is 94 million tons about, need every year to import more than tons 1000.

The main problem of Russia metallurgical industry is, homebred iron ore grade is low, iron ore bed is far from metallurgy center, ore crop cannot satisfy domestic requirement completely.

2. Manganese

Russia has reserve of manganese mine stone 188 million tons, should satisfy domestic need completely.

The main industry type of bed of Russia manganese mine is deposit model, it is the small-sized manganese bed of area of the Ural in originating in more, it is upper decency next model, basically originate in cc Bai Liya and thing Bai Liya. City of the Luo Wo that overcome wheat has bed of one oversize manganese mine to preparing to throw exploitation, its manganese reserves has 98.5 million tons, occupy the 60 % of Russia total reserve about. In the manganese ore of Russia, the average content of manganese does not exceed 20 % . Between the reserves inside the watch of stone of Russia manganese mine, this kind relatively the ore of deficient occupies 90 % above, development is very difficult.

Form from the reserves of manganese mine stone on look, class of A10 B C1 is occupied 13% , c2 class is occupied 2% , the reserves outside the watch is occupied 6% , p1 class and capacity of P2 class resources are occupied each 17% , capacity of P3 class resources occupies 45 % .
Year of crop of stone of Russia commodity manganese mine is very few, still be not worth 20 thousand tons, 0.1% what hold output of stone of world manganese mine only, iron manganese alloy and crop of silicon manganese alloy are not worth the 3 % of world total output. Now, russia metallurgical industry needs stone of 1.2 million tons of manganese mine every year, rely on an entrance almost completely.
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