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Our country deep looks for scanning of mine technology equipment
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In recent years, deep looks for mine to be become gradually look for mine new way, new heat. However, deep seeks ore deposit be affected in the process by all sorts of elements such as geological condition, accordingly, deep looks for mine equipment to become underground to seek ore deposit an essential condition. While bureau of Chinese geology investigation is promoting each unit to strengthen deep to seek ore deposit, active research develops all sorts of deep to seek mine facility, look for mine to develop a channel for our country deep, advance deep effectively to look for mine activity.

Twinkling changes electromagnetism measured bureau of investigation of technical China geology to develop twinkling to change electromagnetism appearance, change in twinkling electromagnetism measures a technology in research, introduced technology of high temperature superconduction again, development goes practical the gaussmeter of high temperature superconduction that change, obtained the positive result of innovation sex scientific research that has completely own intellectual property, achieve international advanced level.

Begin many field experiment to confirm through be in area of different work area, different landform, gaussmeter of superconduction of odd heft high temperature raised twinkling to change greatly the exploration deepness of electromagnetism law, exploration deepness rises to amount to 50% above in test division. On this foundation, bureau of Chinese ground attune is developed again gave prototype of gaussmeter of superconduction of 3 heft high temperature, survey a test through beginning many field section plane, obtained twinkling to change electromagnetism law curve of section plane of 3 heft magnetic field. Field test result makes clear, work of gaussmeter of superconduction of 3 heft high temperature is steady, measure data reliable, raised twinkling to change the horizontal resolution of electromagnetism law. What this technology studies is successful, drove twinkling to change the development of electromagnetism law, try to find out the real intention for edge of crisis mine explore and search deep insidious big mine provided measure of a kind of new and high technology.

Bureau of attune of ground of China of technology of aviation content spy developed instrument of magnetic force of optical pump of helium of new generation aviation (HC-2000) , international is achieved in congener instrument advanced level. This instrument is investigated in geology

Main effect was produced in seeking ore deposit with deep. For example, measure acquisition data according to boat magnetism, iron ore of big smelt metal fetched significant gain seeking ore deposit in deep and periphery.

In addition, bureau of Chinese ground attune still is developed and compositive aviation content explore (magnetism / report / put) integrated station, for 1: 50 thousand or 1: 100 thousand geological investigation provided a kind of cheap, efficient work measure. Measure attainable report sex, magnetism and radioactivity parameter of feature of physics of 3 groups of earths, can use at concluding, choose the target body feature such as area cliff body and cliff sex, construction. Current, this system has been investigated in geology and the country is special in get applied extensively.
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