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The mineral products resource of Malawi and administration
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Malawi republic (The RePublic Of Malawi) Xiaoguo of inland of ministry of dispute continent southeast, landform is long and narrow, even if East Africa big rift valley as string of 1000 cash its north and south, churchyard has Africa the 3rd big lake, Malawi lake, reason has " the country of a region of rivers and lakes " say. Domanial area kilometer of one hundred and eighteen thousand four hundred and eighty-four square (include water area of kilometer of 24 thousand much square) , population 12.9 million (2005) . Malawi regards traditional agriculture as the country, long-term since, because infrastructure is weak, suffer the effect of natural disaster and international economy element, economy is more difficult, belong to U.N. place to announce least of all one of developed countries. 2006, the trading business volume of China and Malawi is 31.73 million dollar, in be basically, just export, basically textile, dress waits, a few lumber and tobacco just are imported to wait in. On December 28, 2007, malawi and China build formal foreign relations.

One, the geology of Malawi

On geology, malawi belongs to the rift valley inside typical land. The Precambrian that its base is tectonic motion for many times to form deteriorates to late the Palaeozoic Era miscellaneous cliff (700 1 million ~400 1000000) , pledge for mud more and gneiss of silicon of half mud qualitative calcium, quartzite and micaceous fragment cliff are formed, meantime often alternates amphibole of shape having a layer - biotite gneiss, but southern region is cliff of bead of 2 brightness hemp and gneiss more. Degenerative action period second more. Positive hemp cliff and base gender and exceed base sexual rock is common.

Cap rock is 2 fold - the Triassic Period comes rock of the Quaternary Period, basalt, thick Xuan Yan and second lava is enclothed irregularly on base miscellaneous cliff, accompany Jurassic Period comes early chalk world is much period second the cliff that invade a person. These cliff that invade a person basically belong to series of alkalescent cliff of strange Er tile, include cliff of cliff of black granite, nepheline black granite, carbonic acid, fine alkaline long cliff, wide range and phonolite.

The fluvial area of Malawi, the major area near main like Malawi lake and rare thunder river drainage area, and Li Longgui, Ka Songgu and Mu ferry Ba Ping go up formerly, enclothe have contemporary layer deposit.

The geological construction of Malawi and layer evolve into the history very complex, happen overmuch period second orogenic movement, like Ubendian orogenic movement (2200 1 million ~1900 1000000) , Irumide orogenic movement (1350 1 million ~1000 1000000) wait with Mozambican orogenic movement, produced main effect to Malawi layer, happen in before two orogenic movement of northern region especially. Activity of the fault in rift valley most development, produced bigger effect in the orogenic movement of all previous on Malawi geology history.
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