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What is super stainless steel? Nickel radical alloy?
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Alloy of super stainless steel, nickel radical is the stainless steel of a kind of special type, go up in chemical composition above all with common stainless steel 304 different, it is to point to contain tall nickel, gao Ge, stainless steel of a kind of of tall molybdenum tall alloy. Be in next high temperature resistant anticorrosive perhaps on function, compare with 304 photographs, have more outstanding high temperature resistant or corrosion resistance can, be 304 cannot replace. Additional, from the classification of stainless steel, the metallographic organization of special stainless steel is a kind of stable austenite metallographic organization.

Because stainless steel of this kind of special type is the material of a kind of tall alloy, comparative on workmanship so complex, ordinary people can rely on conventional technology to make stainless steel of this kind of special type only, be like perfusion, forging, pressure delay etc.

In a lot of domains, for instance
1, marine: The marine compose of maritime space environment is demiurgic, briny desalt, briny breed aquatics, sea hydro-thermal exchange.
2, environmental protection domain: The device of flue gas to decoke that firepower generates electricity, useless water treatment.
3, energy field: Nuclear energy generates electricity, of coal use integratedly, tide generates electricity etc.
4, petro-chemical domain: Oil refining, equipment of chemical chemical industry.
5, food domain: Make salt, soy brew

In the numerous domain of above, common stainless steel 304 cannot be competent, in these special domains, special type stainless steel is indispensable, also cannot be replaced. In last few years, as economy develop quickly, of the administrative levels as industrial domain rise ceaselessly, more and more projects need the stainless steel with higher class. . . . . Special type stainless steel (alloy of super stainless steel, nickel radical) .

A few representative special type stainless steel have:
1, super stainless steel, it is a kind of special type stainless steel that contains about 6% molybdenum that is to say, there is 10 to plant on the world steel is planted. Everybody also calls 6 molybdenum stainless steel. For instance his bases is; 25Ni-23Cr-5.5Mo-0.2N
2, alloy of Ying Ke Lai, e.g. Ying Ke Lai 800, his bases is; 32Ni-21Cr-Ti, al
3, alloy of flower exacting nickel, e.g. flower exacting nickel 600, his bases; 73Ni-15Cr-Ti, al
4, breath out family name alloy, e.g. C-276, his bases; 56Ni-16Cr-16Mo-4W
5, cheat like this alloy, e.g. Meng Naier 400, his bases; 65Ni-34Cu

In integrated above example, if be to choose common stainless steel (304) , is not to choose the circumstance of special type stainless steel to fall, common stainless steel (304) the environment that does not fit such high temperature to be corroded high perhaps, material can happen immediately corrode, perhaps produce high temperature oxidation. Be in so numerous need is high temperature resistant, anticorrosive below the environment, special type stainless steel is best choice. Special type stainless steel was surmounted all along stainless steel category, have outstanding and uncommon property, no matter be today,still be in the future, material of special stainless steel is having continuous demand.
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