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The main development characteristic of industry of mineral products of 2006/2007
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, fundamental condition

Take a person since 21 centuries, be stimulated in what value of product of international market mine rises ceaselessly and drive below, industry of Australian mineral products enters prosperous period quickly from trough. Not only production value, benefit soars year after year, obtain employment number increases, and mining industry invests to also go up considerably raise. It is in order to be not investment of perambulate of oil gas mineral products only exemple, in 5 years from 2001/2002~2006/2007 year, perambulate investment with year all the growth rate of 37.4 % is in rapid growth. In 4 years of 2002/2003~2006/2007 year, mining trade investment grew 140% , go up newly mining industry project exceeds 200, it is important that to Australian economy prosperity rose pull a movement to use.

2006/2007 year, value of product of main metal mine is in the international market continue to rise considerably, cupreous price rises on 2005/2006 year foundation more than 40% , zincic price rises on 2005/2006 year foundation achieve 73% , lead rises in price achieve 60% , and nickel rises in price more than 145% , uranium rises achieve 120% , golden price rises achieve 21% , alumina rises achieve 14% , silver rises in price achieve 37% , iron ore rises in price achieve 11% , ilmenite rises achieve 6.6 % to wait. In fossil energy field, oil price is continueing to rise, but coal price is in drop.

In product of international market mine the price rises more generally and the setting of strong growth leaves Asian economy, 2006/2007 year, industry of Australian mineral products is vibrant, send prosperous picture. Continued in the respect such as production, exit and production value benefit not only the impetus that on one year grows quickly, and if mining invests project, perambulate,the respect waits to also have new progress in other sphere, number of mining industry obtain employment continues to expand on foundation of on one year.

2, the main characteristic that industry of mineral products of 2006/2007 year Australia grows

The main characteristic that industry of mineral products of 2006/2007 year Australia grows is: Invest driving, mining industry to go up newly project and grow in quantity of the project that finish, industrial profit grows considerably, output of most mine product continues to climb on on one year of foundation litre, mine product exit continues to appear tall a posture of growth, export trade forehead innovates again tall, at the same time investment of mineral products perambulate also presented new atmosphere. Show cent to be narrated as follows.

(one) mining investment and mining industry project
2006/2007 year, australia is picking mining industry (include oil natural gas) the investment of private new capital that go up is amounted to twenty-two billion and sixty-two million bay yuan, grow 18.6% than on one year, occupy the 28.5 % that entire industry invests. Metallic product investment is 4.6 billion bay yuan, drop somewhat than on one year.
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