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Mining industry develops bright Ha Mi
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Haing close city has dominant position of good ground predestined relationship and resource advantage. The country cable of 312 lines, Lan Xintie road, Asia-Europe traverses a thing. Mineral products of city land with certain boundaries is resourceful, phyletic much, grade tall, reserve is large, and be located in along the line of railroad, highway mostly, development condition is convenience. At present already ascertain mine plants 76 kinds, occupy Xinjiang already 65% of ascertain mineral products, reserve is larger have coal, iron, copper, nickel, molybdenum, mirabilite, rock material, yellow humic acerbity, oil, natural gas. Among them: Coal, forecast resource to measure 570.8 billion tons, ascertain resource measures thirty-eight billion eight hundred and forty-four million tons, 31.4% what occupy Xinjiang to forecast resource to measure; Iron ore, forecast resource to measure 2.21 billion tons, ascertain resource measures 437 million tons, house Xinjiang the first; Copper, forecast a metal to measure 12 million tons, ascertain metal measures one million two hundred and forty-eight thousand two hundred tons, house Xinjiang the 2nd; Nickel, forecast a metal to measure 3 million tons of above, ascertain metal measures 773 thousand tons, house Xinjiang the first; Molybdenum, forecast a metal to measure 3 million tons of above, ascertain metal measures 773 thousand tons, the whole nation the 2nd; Stone material; Forecast resource to measure 600 million stere, ascertain resource measures 224 million stere, house Xinjiang the first; Mirabilite, ascertain resource measures 122 million tons, house Xinjiang the 5th; Yellow humic acerbity, reserve resides the world the first; Oil, natural gas forecasts resource to measure 740 million tons, ascertain resource measures 98 million tons.
Already extracted mine plants 32 kinds now, already the industrial bed of ascertain 135 place, among them large deposit 28 place, medium-sized 35 place, small-sized 72 place. Reserves of ascertain of 3 mountain coalfield 1.5 billion tons, already built the outdoor coal mine with the biggest northwest, body year after year produces raw coal the mine company of 2 million tons of dimensions; Spit gross of resource of haing basin oil gas to forecast about 2 billion tons; Big south lake coalfield is differentiation coal, yellow humic acid content amounts to 350 million tons, coal of shallow-layer become divided amounts to 20 million tons. Mineral products of the nonferrous metal inside urban region has 8 kinds, producing area 124 place, with reserves of mine of copper, nickel the richest. Already discovered mineral products ground now 11 place, among them large deposit 3 place, medium-sized bed 3 place, small-sized bed 5 place.
In the meantime, the field develops in mining industry economy, haing close city is advocated energetically and drive an enterprise to execute development of one continuous line of raw material exploitation and smelt, profound treatment, stimulative dominant industry is outputted by resource model to resource treatment change, carry high yield to taste the contribution that additional cost and treatment manufacturing industry increase to economy to lead ceaselessly, give aid to and guide investment company to be on benign development course.
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