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Boiler of series of SUS of German rice ability is provided use the high quality
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German rice ability limited company (Mi Ji GmbH) it is an enterprise that cross a state. The Ji Sen city that headquarters reposes in black Lin Zhou of center of German classics trade (Giessen Germany) . Rice ability becomes Chinese head home to introduce the professional corporation that absorb and improves electric stove of a series of high-tech of new-style environmental protection to provide a technology in the light of Chinese market successfully. Limited company was in German rice ability in October 2001 area of garden of industry of bridge of Shanghai Pudong gold, solely invested establish electric equipment of rice ability electron (Shanghai) limited company. The company basically is engaged in production and ability of sale Germany rice hot stove of the spoke outside the Yuan Gong of ability of new generation rice of limited company design, development and electromagnetism furnace and product of kitchen utensils and appliances of form a complete set. The product basically serves at high-grade residence, in order to raise the house energy-saving change, intelligence is changed, technicalization and vogue change a standard, become Chinese head home to introduce electric stove of a series of this new-style environmental protection to have technical company. SUS series boiler provides rice ability to founded Yu Deguo 1886, enjoy long history of more than 100 years, popular whole world 36 countries. Boiler of series of rice ability SUS is provided use CrNi 18/10 of top quality stainless steel, density tall, intensity is big, anti-corrosive, efficient heat preservation. Have can of alloy of 10% proportional nickel to say " tip " , the delegate is current the peakest stainless steel level. This material pledges stainless steel boiler and food contact do not have chemical reaction, advantageous and healthy, can put into dishwasher to be cleaned automatically directly.