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The craft characteristic of the igneous law smelt of vulcanization nickel concen
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Smelt method:

The method of modern production nickel basically has fire law and wet two kinds. Go up according to the world main two kinds contain nickel mineral (the vulcanization ore deposit that contains nickel and oxidation mine) different, smelt processing technique each different.

Mine of the vulcanization that contain nickel basically uses igneous law processing at present, through concentrate roast reverberator (electric stove or blast furnace) concentrate of nickel of blowing of sulfur of smelt copper nickel electroanalysises metallic nickel. Oxidation mine basically is mine of the laterite that contain nickel, its grade is low, comfortable at wet processing; Main method has ammoniac dip law and vitriolic way two kinds. The igneous law processing of oxidation mine is ferronickel law.

Technology operation:

The igneous law smelt of vulcanization nickel concentrate

If the flow of igneous law smelt of vulcanization nickel concentrate pursues 29 - 2 are shown. Its are main craft characteristic is as follows:

(1) fusion. Nickel concentrate classics sends electric stove namely after dry to decoke (or blast furnace) fusion, the purpose is to make the oxide change of cupreous nickel is sulfide, yield low ice nickel (cupreous nickel milometer) , at the same time gangue slagging. In gets low ice nickel, the total content of nickel and copper is 8% - 25% (it is commonly 13% - 17% ) , contain sulfur content for 25% .

(2) the blowing of low ice nickel. The purpose of blowing is for eliminate iron and one part sulfur, get containing copper and nickel 70% - the Gao Bing nickel of 75% (nickel tall sulfur) , is not metallic nickel. Prep above of converter fusion temperature 1230 ℃ , because low grade glacial nickel is low, general blowing time is longer.

(3) grind float. Tall ice nickel is fine grind, broken hind, with floatation and magnetic separation depart, get containing nickel 67% - the nickel concentrate of 68% , single out cupreous concentrate and cupreous nickel alloy to reclaim respectively at the same time copper is mixed metal of platinum a group of things with common features. Reverberator of nickel concentrate classics is fused get vulcanization nickel, again fine of power transmission solution or classics electric stove (or reverberator) reductive fusion gets thick nickel to electroanalysis again fine.

(4) electroanalysis fine. Divide in thick nickel contain copper, outside getting, still contain gold, silver and platinum a group of things with common features element, need to electroanalysis fine reclaims. Electroanalysis with copper different is here uses diaphragmatic electrobath. Do positive pole with thick nickel, cathode is nickel only then extremely piece, electrolyte mixes solution with sulfate solution sulfate and chloridize salt. After electrify, nickel of cathode separate out, element of platinum a group of things with common features enters zincous mud in, reclaim separately. Purity of product report nickel is 99.85% - 99.99% .
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