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The law of nickel chromic layer that vacuum of have the aid of evaporates
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Development of company of technology of bare of benefit of American ancient heart gives technology of film of chromic alloy of a rich nickel, this craft uses vacuum to evaporate the law is carried out, do not contain 6 price chromium or 3 price chromium consequently. Agent of on besmear two hearts goes up in the spare parts below the high temperature of is Perma Star preexistence of this craft head that is weighed, set the part vacuum to evaporate after that in the room, will contain 80% nickel and the film of 20% chromium deposit on its 100nm, after that additional again the chromium with the thick 50nm on evaporate. This kind of film is in steel, magnesian, bronze, brass, aluminous or plastic go up to all adhere to good, can have anticorrosive effect. On the observation hole that technology of this kind of film uses successfully at a light boat of American coast defense, steam vent and other deck fittings.