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Alloy of phosphor of nickel of HH118-3 chemical plating is compound the applicat
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1 introductive

Machinery plant of colliery of 6 dishes of water is ministry of industry of raw coal charcoal manufacturer of equipment of machinery of the colliery that decide a dot, in the country one model enterprise. Mine uses pillar of monomer hydraulic pressure is the safety that working face of colliery mechanization coal mining basically props up roof. Its are main component oil cylinder, vivid the surface of column is anticorrosive processing, domestic manufacturer home uses electric copper facing generally, nickel, film of chromic film, cupreous tin alloy or zincic film. As technology of alloy of phosphor of chemical plating nickel perfect with each passing day, craft, equipment far simpler than eletroplating, of its film be able to bear or endure corrode function, self-lubricating function of function, tall wear-resisting and the exterior hardness that comparative with hard chromic layer, know more and more extensively already for place of all trades and professions with accept. 2003, my factory passes test and verify of market survey, craft, choose the HH118-3 chemistry that graduate student of civil product institute produces Changsha war industry alloy of plating nickel phosphor is compound additive craft, changsha China becomes plating line of business limited company offers plating nickel whole set of equipment, built the product line of alloy of phosphor of chemical plating nickel with the biggest Guizhou Province.

2 technological process

→ of alloy of phosphor of nickel of plating of chemistry of → of warm-up of → of the hanger on → of bath of → of bath of → of pickling of → of bath of → of bath of alkaline degreasing → reclaims bath → hot water closes → of air of → of → discharge hanger examines → is oiled

3Craft of alloy of phosphor of nickel of HH118 chemistry plating

3.1 recipes

Vitriolic nickel (NiSO4 · 7H2O) 27g/L

Second inferior phosphoric acid natrium (NaH2PO2 · H2O) 30g/L

HH118 - 80g/L of 3 compound additive

3.2 operation conditions

Parameter limits is optimal be worth

PH is worth 4.6 ~ 4.84.8

Temperature 90 ℃ of 85 ~ 88 ℃

Load 0.5 ~ 1.6dm²/L

Agitate means loop filters

Deposition rate 12 μ of 8 ~ M/h

3.3 operations standard

Chamfer of A, plating heating installation electrify heats, adjust lukewarm accuse implement the index is 88 ℃ ;

B, measure value of groovy fluid PH, adjust to craft limits;

C, temperature rises to 80 ℃ when, open loop filter, filter circularly plating fluid, groovy fluid filters hourly not less than 3;

D, temperature rises to craft limits when, will already the workpiece of warm-up is put into plating chamfer, according to deposition rate 10 μ M/h is calculated, clock, to make sure film ply place needs time, can give slot;

Every batches of E, work that enter groove, measure work measure first, record, after giving slot, measure this work measure again, computation gives film ply;
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