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Nickel carries contribution for the aviation that can last
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Airline reduces specific fuel consumption in effort all the time, can reduce cost already so (global specific fuel consumption took airline operation charge 2006 26% ) can reduce the aviation journey effect to the environment again (the main source that this industry remains azotic oxide and carbon dioxide to discharge) . To this, aircraft manufacturer is making the aircraft with fuel faster efficiency. Boeing company released 2001 " sonic cruise person " the design that that high speed shows off notional plane, passed one year to be abandoned only, those who replace is a bit slow but more economic plane. Likelihood won't reappear another " assist and " . In 40 years of in the past, the fuel efficiency that the plane designs raised 70 % , there is 20% in these improvement is to be in 10 years of in the past those who finish. From 20 centuries since 60 time, carbon monoxide discharge capacity already dropped 50 % , not flaming hydrocarbon and aerosol reduced 90 % left and right sides. International aviation carries association (IATA) the report says, to 2020, the discharge capacity of azotic oxide can reduce 80 % , fuel efficiency can raise 25 % -- because investment had on new aircraft,all all these are. These will improve add up to to should reduce 345 million tons carbon dioxide discharge capacity in 13 years henceforth. Aircraft manufacturer improved fuel efficiency through improving aerodynamics performance, be in especially alula place, these are located in wing endmost perpendicular accessory reduced resistance. Better engine design also had certain effect, use high temperature for example nickel radical alloy will raise moving temperature. And the most remarkable progress is to rely on to reduce the weight of airframe to obtain. Use composite material increasingly to replace aluminium: Those who use epoxy resin macerate is multilayer the cloth of carbon fiber and other type. 3 kinds of planes showed this kind of trend:
When Boeing 777 1994 head when boat, composite material holds weight 9% (additionally the message says is 12% ) . 2005 head the composite material in the empty guest A-380 of boat occupies airframe weight to make an appointment with 23 % . Boeing company's newest business uses an aircraft 787, be called again " dreamy plane " , 50% what composite material holds weight, it will have its boat 2009. Dreamy plane is the first airframe use carbon fiber composite material entirely and not be the trade that aluminium makes uses an aircraft. Introduce according to Boeing company, so high composite material proportion, plus improved engine design and aerodynamics function, those who make the fuel efficiency of dreamy plane compares B-767 or empty guest A330 is tall 20 % above. Complex structure depends on a kind of nickel alloy that contains Ni36 %- - because of made of baked clay alloy, it is developed in 19 centuries end by Charles-Édouard Guillaume (1861-1938) . Its mainest character is to heat up coefficient of expansion to be close to Yu Ling, from this the material that it makes production mould or core rod, complex part is placed among them, the sclerosis in the reaction boiler that is 425 ℃ of 375 ~ in temperature next is handled. Because of covering with tiles alloy differs the stability of common ensures complex part is maintaining when sclerosis only the narrow common difference of a few millimeter. Boeing company is using composite material to make " dreamy plane " envelope (airframe, wing and empennage, be like wing box with etc structure) . For example, grow 6.7m, the one part of the airframe of wide 5.8m, with macerate the carbon fiber belt of epoxy resin is enclothed rotate in on core axis, this core rod is made with lesser interlocking core axis. 1500 aluminium board mix leave out of airframe of a paragraph of whole 40000 ~ 50000 fastener.
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