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Cent appropriate " contaminative source " flotsam of laterite nickel mine become
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The grey broken bits in boiler, become new-style product line of cement of kiln coming back is popular " baby " ; Produce medium waste gas, turn into the kinetic energy of generation set; Abandon old tire, become the price of a slave nearly 7000 yuan / ton excel in force recovers from an illness glue... this is the county that divide appropriate undertake what the shop goes out science and technology innovates " circular economy " the successful example of the road of gold.

In recent years, the county that divide appropriate is abided by " decrease quantify, recycle, resource is changed " principle, encourage an enterprise to be forerunner with innovation of science and technology, let the smallest resource use up creation to give the biggest economic benefits. In the Jiangxi that gives priority to raw material with importing laterite nickel mine Jiang Li company, use own research and development " completely wet " refine nickel craft, overcame the past " igneous law " produce high-energy bad news, pollution to wait for defect again; 200 thousand tons of vitriolic projects are used " two turn two suck " technology, use industrial water circularly, solved mine of abrade laterite nickel to need to use the difficult problem of water in great quantities, realized liquid waste 0 discharge. The microtherm beyond heat that divides limited company of appropriate conch cement to introduce company limited of heavy industry of Japanese plain Qi generates electricity technology, invest 300 million first wife to cover construction 9MW pure low temperature more than heat generates electricity ability revises a project, know exorbitant effect the waste gas heat energy that more than heat boiler uses the generation in production again undertakes generating electricity, predict to build the half above that will solve this company to produce place to need n. Jiangxi favour amounts to the home to spin company and collaboration of academy of sciences of Wuhan university life to excogitate " ramie is microbial degum " technology, make ramie incomplete gum content is reduced not only 2.5% , percentage elongation is as high as 9% , coal of the industrial chemicals that returns technology of more chemical than ramie come unglued to reduce 60% above, section 30% , section water 40% .