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Does batteries pollution harm have how old?
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Check according to the expert, batteries of a button can pollute 600 thousand premium; An one date batteries is sodden in the ground, can make the land of one square metre is lost use value. Concerned expert points out, if useless old batteries mixes processing with life rubbish, after batteries is cankered, the heavy metal dissolve such as among them mercuric, cadmium, lead, nickel gives system of meeting pollution water and soil, endanger human health finally through food chain. The person if mercurialism, can contract central nervous disease, mortality is as high as 40% ; Cadmium is decided to be IA class carcinogen.

5 kinds of the biggest to environment menace material, 3 kinds included in batteries: Mercuric, lead, cadmium.

Mercuric: It is us common says " mercuric " , have carcinogenic substance. Mercury and mercuration content are poisonous, scientist discovery, mercury has apparent nerve noxiousness, in addition wait to also have undesirable effect to system of internal system, immunity, children is easier fall victim.

Cadmium: Cause extremely easily inside human body chronic and toxic, it is the heavy metal with a kind of very big noxiousness, main disease is bate of emphysema, bone, anaemic, make human body breaks down probably. And lead enters human body hind to be excreted the hardest, it disturbs kidney function, reproduction function. The Japan that stuns the world " painful painful painful " be polluted because of cadmium namely and send. The soil that contained the mine liquid waste of cadmium to pollute river water and river two sides, commissariat, grazing, enter human body through food chain and accumulate slowly, in kidney and skeleton. Can replace the calcium in bone, make skeleton serious bate, bone cash is broken; Cadmium can cause a stomach dirty function is maladjusted, violate the enzymatic system of the zinc inside human body and organism, make zincic cadmium is compared reduce, and bring about hypertensive disease to rise. Cadmium noxiousness is potential. Although drinking water is medium cadmium density is low to 0.1 milligram / rise, also can be in human body (especially woman) the accumulation in the organization, preclinical can be as long as 10 to 30 years, and inchoate and not easy become aware. The data makes clear, the biologic half-life of the cadmium inside human body is 20 ~ 40 years. Cadmium is organized to human body and organic harm is many sided, and cure is very difficult. Accordingly, each country is discharged to industry " 3 useless " medium cadmium made extremely strict provision. Japan returns a regulation, rice contains cadmium to exceed 1 milligram / kilogram it is namely " cadmium rice " , prohibit edible. Because cadmium compound has the noxiousness with different level, divide cadmium from inside liquid waste with any methods, can change its to be put in any methods to be divided from inside liquid waste only lie between, can change its to be put in means and the position that change its to exist only, can not eliminate its noxiousness. Accordingly, the place behoove of cadmium liquid waste as far as possible with reclaim use band.
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