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Jin Chuan group: Project of processing of liquid waste of new product company pa
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Pass period of time try move, a few days ago, bureau of environmental protection of city of classics of station of processing of liquid waste of company of nickel cobalt new product is successive sampling detects, each index accords with a country 2 class discharge a standard, project of useless water treatment passes bureau of city environmental protection smoothly to check and accept. Station of processing of liquid waste of new product company is to build cupreous pink enlarge to be able to fall the project of form a complete set that bad news transforms a project, the design handles ability 1000 tons / day.

In project construction process, this company basis " fountainhead reduces platoon, divide and rule, first easy hind difficult, amount to mark to answer with " principle, strict according to design program, careful deploy, accomplished with main body project " 3 at the same time " , came true to try by the plan move drive. In useless water treatment, precipitation method of chemically of acidity to containing heavy metal ion liquid waste undertakes handling, alkalescent to ammonia liquid waste uses physical method to undertake handling, group company ore dressing plant is carried to regard as after water quality processing amounts to mark rinse end sand to use water, waste residue of the solid after filter-press sends workshop of smelt raw material to reclaim centrally heavy metal. The construction that useless water treatment stands and investment move, sufficient play pollution reduces a benefit, what undertake utmost to the metal having price such as the nickel in liquid waste, copper is effective reclaim, from go up at all the liquid waste that solves development of future of district of Beijing road triangle arranges an issue, be in in water is answered with, managing new water respect produces positive effect.