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Punish of 3 fork countryside is illegal nickel molybdenum mine not be irresolute
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Since this year, always decide an area 3 fork countryside extracts in punish nickel molybdenum collier is made illegally in, implement the demonstrative spirit of municipal Party committee, municipal government seriously, according to the area appoint, district government puts forward " maintain maximum pressure, improve method, multibarrel to fall together, thin band, handle typical case " working train of thought, outstanding blast, check, catch, sentence, execute make one's rounds, defend, the integrated punish step that makes photograph tie, whole country blows up mine hole in all 53, seal hole stopping mine 1011, the action of mine of molybdenum of illegal exploitation nickel that 4 many years punish does not leave from acoustical destroy the evidence already was sold in the round since May.

One, again and again of results of battle. Since this year, in all machine of pneumatics of destroy by melting or burning 101, pneumatic drill 14, dynamo 1, tip lorry 132, demolish work shed 27, capture raw ore stone 18.9 tons, dynamite 11.5 bags, fuse 1120 meters, detonator 363 hair, control gun 1, cutting tool 1, sumbersible pump 1, other is like dustpan of conduit, hoe, miner's lamp, drill rod, hammer, gather countless. Among them, punish action will be April the most arduous 26, 30 days, government of rate of Party committee secretary Comrade Zhang Jinlin is all cadre 30 more than person, to mine advocate people mix people executes the collier chase intercept, 4 days of 4 night did not close a key point, seize illegal use tramcar 3, stone of capture raw ore 7 tons, give as a result of the person that extract illegally the blow of the life.

2, blow is severe. To hit mineral products of illegal exploitation, illegal transport goods for sale stoutly the behavior of resource and sell ammunition the behavior that labour tastes. Government of 3 fork country cooperates district procuratorial organs and people's courts department section from heavy from fast from the member that the person breaks the law related severe round, give mine of molybdenum of illegal exploitation nickel staff with great awe. This year 1, in September, country government is twisted send public security bureau illegal mining personnel 17 people, cooperate public security to capture illegal mine advocate 10 people, capture 3 people among them, punishment arrest 12 people, sue 3 9 people, fatigue teachs 2 people, insufficient criminal punishs 4 people, among them experience explosive tastes a blame a 3 people, be suspected of illegal mining blame 2 people, be suspected of the 2 people of liability accident. In having the process that 3 cases are trying, dismiss branch secretary 3, village director 3, secretary 3, do 1 only, discharge party membership 2 people, to participating in mining additional 7 Party members are in processing process.

3, green hill beautiful water. Since May, fundamental condition understands establishment of the mountain forest that hole of mine of Party committee general mixes 3 fork countryside to already was destroyed, farmland, irrigation works, the responsibility of mine hole implements countryside, village, series 3 class are relevant responsibility person, to the 1064 mine hole that find out, before cadre of countryside, village executes hill of 24 hours of make one's rounds and hole, stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work be stationed, execute strict liability to find out a system, progressively to the hill pond, establishment that irrigation works already destroyed calculated restores, execute to what mine hole, scoria grows Zhu Zhicao aptly grow Zhu Zhicao, as soon as possible afforest. At present whole country grows Zhu Zhicao 5 mus, aqueduct rebuilds 2300 meters, hill pond rebuilds 2. Now, enter purpose mine extremely in former days, already was all over the mountains and plains green.
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