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The hopeful inside 5 years exceeds Chinese domain name English domain name
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Li Xiaodong of vice director of center of information of Chinese internet network expresses when be visited, predict " . China " after the domain name applies very will welcome, hopeful of its popularity rate overtakes in 5 years English domain name.
The Olympic Games is hot, the Chinese is ground of true true be sure to to be experienced. To salute the advent of fan of the athlete of world each district, sports, our early begins to learn to be given priority to with English, include other the multilateral foreign language of a lot of language. When the Chinese is fond of study foreign language, abroad also lifted the upsurge that learns Chinese. Chinese, Chinese, as the buildup of Chinese economy actual strength, as Beijing Olympic Games hold, whole world popularity leaves come. "Beijing welcomes you! " face TV camera lens, division comparing spoke this word very mischievously with Chinese, the enthusiasm of apparent Olympic Games caught this NBA star.
2008 Beijing Olympic Games, lifted Chinese heat, Chinese heat all over the world. On Internet, also lift heat of Chinese domain name. Current, global mainstream browser is all trouble-free supportive Chinese domain name, this means prospective netizen to be in the world anyplace, do not need to install what plug-in unit, input Chinese character directly in the browser " Chinese.cn " can visit corresponding website. Let do not know English you, also all the same the surf on the net.
Implication of Chinese domain name is clear, write down easily simply, and resourceful. Use Chinese domain name, the know the inside story that is helpful for ensuring an user counterpoises; Be helpful for guaranteeing the consequence that; of consistency of card of intranet online inferior is helpful for enlarging China to go up in internet arena quickly and speech right. Chinese domain name fits the habit of domestic netizen mother tongue more, , get compatriots more self-identity. The application of Chinese domain name will develop to promote the network of Chinese world and the information communication, development level that raises message of high school article to serve industry reachs his to serve industry in global information medium position, farther drive what be core with electronic business affairs is new.
Manned airship " divine boat 7 " had not entered the space when, grab those who register a domain name is new do sth for the occasion of battle of round of contention already began. Grasp have " god 7 " of relevant network domain name sell the home to transfer ownership on the net, and the discovery after the author inquires network domain name registers a case, even " god 12 " already was grabbed to note one sky.
Trade period net is registered in gold domain name (we see inside Www.now.cn) , the meet the eye on every side of Lang of Ling of breed of Chinese domain name that its play, register Chinese domain name now, have more multiple good manners photograph sends. The expert reminds, chinese domain name is the brand asset with valuable business, it is to develop broader market, the most effective network that establishs a brand extends pattern. When the enterprise registers Chinese domain name, need as a matter of expediency is power sex, security, practical wait for many sided to consider, careful resolution true bogus.
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