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Company post office gives enterprise infuse new energy
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In recent years, development of our country medium and small businesses is swift and violent, 8 years domestic medium and small businesses already broke through 42 million, 99.8% what hold company sum total. Enterprise informatization construction appears crucial.

Seek advice from a company to show according to the data of Radicati Group according to IResearch Ai Rui, forecast to 2011, enterprise user will with average and annual 20% right-and-left rate rise 164.5 billion to seal / day. Occupy period net however (Www.now.cn) relevant controller says frankly, the medium and small businesses of domestic great majority still lies growing phase, informatization standard is relative lag, only users of 10% medium and small businesses use company post office, this and amount of huge medium and small businesses formed bright contrast.

The has information or data trade that company post office can make an enterprise fast, efficient, promote an enterprise work efficiency. Period net warns a client, the enterprise can combine the characteristic of oneself, anthology cooperate comfortable company post office and its appreciation function, accomplish act according to actual circumstances.

Return rubbish mail function

Current, mail of the 2nd big rubbish creates the world after China has become afterwards United States country. Increasingly rampant rubbish mail affects the network sale activity of the enterprise already badly. Company post office uses the professional engine that reduce toxin, realize online real time to kill poisonous function, have oppose rubbish system formidably, make sure the enterprise obtains the service of green post news report. The filter of intelligent rubbish mail that mails like period net company uses international front-runner technology of labour intelligence imitate, use mail of rubbish of differentiate of head of computer simulation person " ambiguous judgement " process and 4 rubbish mail filter technology, turn over rubbish mail to amount to 99.8 above into power, reject rubbish harrass in the round, let you suffer rubbish mail worry no longer!

Global mail is sent is the assurance with smooth international trade

Outback mailbox user is in outside Xiang Hai when mailbox post a letter, suffer often abroad the announcement that cancels a letter. This causes severe loss to making be met not only the enterprise of international trade, and also can make company reputation and figure suffer a disastrous decline. Global mail is sent can make inland and abroad straightway, do not accept district restriction, promote the international of the enterprise competition ability.

Mobile office is efficient

In the society of this information at a tremendous pace, "Efficient " the pet phrase that had made a few tall valves, however to the personage that often is away on official business character, of mail sending and receive is a difficult problem. The product that business of a lot of services offers now has the function that supports mobile phone mailbox, need to log onto oneself VIP mailbox through mobile phone browser only, can go to the lavatory like use computer rapid.
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