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The introduction of electric stove
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Electric stove

The electric stove fusion in nonferrous metal smelt is the electric arc that produces electric energy through electrode and charging place or the high temperature that make resistor place generation through melt slag directly come to what melt expects. Controallable fuse-element temperature is in 1200 ~ any temperature inside 1600 ℃ limits. Fusion electric stove basically is used at fusion to contain the stock of composition of a large number of difficult frit gangue, be in the area with power sufficient natural resources, also use at fusion general ore.

The main good point of electric stove fusion is: Bath temperature adjusts easily and can reach higher temperature; Amount of theoretical burned gas is low; Thermal efficiency is tall, can amount to 60 % ~ 80 % ; Broken bits quantity is little, fusion metal over all recovery is advanced.

The main drawback of refine of electric stove pink is: Electric energy is used up big, treatment is expended and relatively reverberator fusion is tall; Charging contains moisture not to exceed 3 % commonly; Capital construction invests slightly high country.

Our country the smelt that waits in copper, nickel, zinc, stannum, the respect such as the heat preservation of melt slag and dilution all uses hot plate.

Cupreous concentrate advocate electric stove of nickel concentrate fusion

One, the furnace of fusion electric stove

The electric stove of concentrate of fusion vulcanization copper and mine of vulcanization copper nickel can be had rectangle, elliptic wait for appearance with the circle.

In nonferrous metal smelt, large fusion electric stove uses stationary rectangle commonly airtight electric stove. The hearth area with larger be patient of of rectangular electric stove and power, relatively appropriate to the configuration of transformer, be helpful for the depart of matte and slag, build by laying bricks or stones of body of heater is built convenient etc.

The dimension of rectangular electric stove, grow 10 ~ 35.66m, wide 4.5 ~ 10.67m. Slaggy temperature is 1200 ~ 1380 ℃ , fusion is final child is cupreous nickel milometer (the alloy that it is nickel, copper and iron) or cupreous milometer, temperature is 1050 ~ about 1250 ℃ , production undertakes continuously.

2, structure of body of heater

Body of heater is comprised by body of fireproof build by laying bricks or stones, steel structure and fundamental Dun.

By the foundation Dun is propped up between hearth and foundation, make structure of built on stilts.

As a result of temperature of hearth of fusion electric stove relatively temperature of fusion reverberator hearth is high, be stupefied to protect hearth  word does Qiu of black of ǚ of brilliant of divide evenly of rice of  of stalk of Mao of battle of Yun of eyebrow of disease take along sth to sb fear spelling Xin Cong of the  that pound Xiang? / P>
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