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Market of ferronickel of mine of 28 days of nickel is small confuse of short dur
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Without stannic dispatch: Market of mine of domestic ferronickel nickel continues low fan move, the city after the businessman is opposite generally is not hopeful.

[nickel mine] prices of mainstream of domestic nickel mine is as follows, among them quote of main trend of market of mine of 2.1% Philippine nickel is Shandong nickel mine 700-730 yuan / ton, quote of mainstream of mine of 1.5% Philippine nickel is 400-450 yuan / ton, quote of main trend of market of mine of 1.7% Philippine nickel is Jiangsu nickel mine 550-580 yuan / ton, 1.6% markets quoted price is in 480-520 yuan / ton differ, but did not clinch a deal, agency thinks later period market nots allow generally hopeful, and at present market quoted price is mine of 0.9-1.1% Philippine nickel 330-400 yuan / ton.

[ferronickel] ferronickel market does not have marked change now. Among them price of FeNi4-5 of Shandong Wei lane is 1800 yuan / nickel, price of FeNi1.5-1.8 left and right sides is 3400-3500 yuan / ton, price of FeNi1.5-2.0 left and right sides is 3500 yuan / ton; Price of Hubei market FeNi4-6 is 1750 yuan / nickel; Jiangsu FeNi4-6 price is 1800 yuan / nickel, feNi5-6.5 price is 1750 yuan / nickel, feNi10 above price is 1400 yuan / ton; Price of left and right sides of Zhejiang China smooth FeNi1-4 is 1800 yuan / nickel.

At present market of domestic nickel mine continues low fan, agency thinks later period market nots allow generally hopeful, entrance trafficker already also did not wish to pay close attention to nickel mine market again, partial businessman already lost confidence to the market. And ferronickel market is same very low fan, it is difficult to clinch a deal, ferronickel enterprise loses confidence early to ferronickel market, express to cannot quote or suspend quote, the market becomes report to the superior after accomplishing a task.