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Japanese nickel base useless stainless steel drops to 120 thousand yen / ton
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Japan from what home buys the price of nickel radical useless stainless steel has dropped greatly, the cost cutting of useless stainless steel that the exporter of Kita-Kyushu area has 50 thousand yen / ton to 100 thousand yen / metric ton (than October 20) , the nickel that stainless steel factory buys base cost cutting of useless stainless steel 30 thousand yen / ton to 12-12 10 thousand yen / metric ton, dropped than September 100 thousand yen / ton, the half that will be September almost.

10 thousand yen of 12-13 / ton the price approachs the price level that steelworks will pay 4 years June (115 thousand yen / ton) , the right now LME nickel price 4 years ago is 6.14 dollars / pound.

Price of nickel radical useless stainless steel drops main factor is in China, chinese Zhang Pu, couplet is numerous wait for stop production of stainless steel factory in order to keep stainless steel price, bring about Japan to export price of useless stainless steel to glide quickly.

The exporter of Kita-Kyushu area exports useless stainless steel every months to come Korea riverside with China, the price drops to 100 thousand yen / metric ton, and Tohoku area still maintains in 120 thousand yen / ton.

Japanese made nickel base amount of useless stainless steel predicts to be in 7-8 10 thousand tons / month, about 20 thousand tons when include export, the 90% above that export among them are to sell past Korea and China, but these exit got restrain now, from this domestic price glides quickly, predict to will continue to drop. Although LME nickel price falls greatly, domestic nickel base to date of price of useless stainless steel is maintained in perch, but cut down domestic price to predict to meet gradually with nickel price conform to.

On the other hand, the price that Japan imports useless stainless steel is in 1100-1200 dollar / metric ton (CIF, japan) .

Subordinate list is Japan nickel radical abandons stainless steel 7 years in January - 8 years October the 3rd week price:

Note: Entrance, come from southeast Asia

LME nickel price represents every mean monthly the price. 8 years on October 20 LME nickel price

* of 15 days of * issues the half moon on * half moon 15 days