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Acerinox: Market of firm stainless steel of hasten of the price that be like nic
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28 days of messages, the Knox in the game of A of business of stainless steel production with the biggest Spain (Acerinox) the group shows, if international nickel price stops,drop hasten is firm, demand of European stainless steel still hopeful 2008 bottom or begin to anabiosis small at the beginning of 2009.

At present world banking crisis still is affecting the demand market of stainless steel, the raw material price such as nickel, chromium goes drop, also cause factory price of stainless steel of Europe of the fourth quarter (alloy surtax) continue to drop, purchase business order to glide, be in decrease sell wait-and-see position.

LME nickel price will fall to 10 thousand dollar October / or so tons, lunar annulus is compared drop 70% . Asailinuokesi expresses, the company is paying close attention to active nickel price closely go situation, and purchase business but susceptive price is declinable. From long-term in light of, the nickel price of low cost still has interest factor to the produce and sale of 300 departments stainless steel.

Although A of the 3rd quarter surpassed Linuokesi to execute reduction of output to plan, but output of crude steel of 1-9 month stainless steel still grew 3% compared to the same period 2008. In addition, the company still is continueing to be opposite the investment construction of factory of divide into equal parts of Malaysia, United States, south Africa, include American Kentucky (Kentucky) , south Africa Columbus (Columbus) the extend plan of stainless steel new plant.