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Portion our country electroanalysised in September 2008 nickel crop is 8919 tons
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Occupy data of coloured association statistic to show, our country will electroanalysis September nickel crop is 8919 tons, than going up the month reduces 2021 tons, last as a result of nickel price low fan, domestic share enterprise (include Jin Chuan) had begun to take step of reduction of output, predict yield of nickel of four quarters our country will appear to drop apparently. 1-9 month our country electroanalysises nickel crop accumulative total is 97389 tons, increase 9.38 % compared to the same period. Gansu Province crop will be 6824 tons September, than going up the month reduces 2213 tons, xinjiang is 570 tons, yunnan is 116 tons, guangxi is 209 tons, jiangxi is 1006 tons, chongqing 185 tons, zhejiang 10 tons. Understand according to us, in the nickel crop of Jiangxi, 1/3 comes from flotsam, there is 1/3 about in the 2/3 that remain is to be in produce among article. Because this estimates integratedly, the crop of former unripe nickel of Jiangxi lithium course of study was controlled in 3000 tons 2008.