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Domestic and international nickel manufacturer considerably reduction of output
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Since this year, because of the United States second the global finance storm that borrow the crisis and causes brings about basic metal price to glide quickly. Type of falling body of freedom of price of international market nickel drops, period nickel and photograph of the beginning of the year will compare LME to had dropped in March 63% . Suffer this effect, since this year, the whole world includes Si Ke of the Er in Russia Nuo, Vale-Inco, BHP - Billiton, Xstrata, Erame the manufacturer announces the main nickel that waits inside in succession reduction of output, only abroad produces business 1 - crop of nickel of 3 quarters fine reduces 60 thousand tons of above. From the point of home, the price falls line of cost of broken production business is the following, the finished product nickel such as Yunnan, Chongqing produces business already stop production, partial company reduction in production; Xinjiang, inside the company of semifinished product production of unconscious and other places also is forced badly because of deficit stop production or reduction of output, most ferronickel manufacturer has closed stop, entrance ore is in port congestion is close 10 million tons of unmanned make inquires. Annual of company of golden plain group planned 120 thousand tons to produce nickel 2008, as a result of the acuteness change of the market, had adjusted it is 100 thousand tons. Crop of nickel of fine of predicting annual world decreases 100 thousand tons of above completely.