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Xin Yu Yongxing environmental nickel smelting of nickel to fill gaps in our pr
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This year, the Yongxing Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Xin Yu environmental rural industrial projects in the entrance area into 60 million yuan, 50 acres of land to build the province the first large-scale nickel production enterprises. Fire the company's nickel sludge, wet processing projects have been included in the state, "ten key energy conservation and recycling of major economic and resource conservation demonstration projects and key industrial pollution control project" in 2009 the third installment of the central budget for investment plans to expand domestic demand , the Central Investment 480 million. The company's high-tech nickel-containing sludge from the fire, wet processing extraction of nickel, nickel-smelting industry to fill the gaps in our province. The main products of its production of nickel, an important manufacturing of stainless steel industrial raw materials. The company has now put into production, and provide 200 jobs a year, handling 30 million tons of industrial metal sludge, producing 400 tons of refined nickel-, output value of over billion, more than 1,500 yuan in profits and taxes can be.