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Changchun power plant sulfur hexafluoride into finished nickel switch Acceptan
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November 15, the successful completion of trials testing high-tech areas of professional nickel Yuguang Group two sulfur hexafluoride plant substation switch inspection. Changchun High-tech Economic Development Zone is an important industrial area in which there are many large enterprises as well as pharmaceutical and Nickel plant is responsible for the high-tech zone of heating the work of the plant to meet heating requirements, add a new equipment. Cross the snow a few days ago has resulted in air humidity has been particularly great in testing the staff in advance of the test instrument will be dry to prevent problems in the field affect the equipment acceptance. Although the cold weather, poor conditions, but laboratory personnel remain strict implementation of standards, operating procedures, strict inspection done serious work. The acceptance of work completed, fully embodies the strict testing of professional testing personnel to seriously thin, highly responsible spirit, new equipment for the nickel plant put into operation and a smooth foundation.