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Jean Nickel achieve strategic cooperation with Bank of China
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March 29 morning, Jean Jilin Nickel Industry and the Bank of China branch, Jean Toronto International and the Canadian branch of the Bank of China strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Changchun, Jilin Province Branch of Bank of China held a grand function rooms. Hao Financial Group chairman and party secretary Xu Guangping, Hao Financial Group General Manager, Jean Nickel, Jean Wu, chairman of the international operation, branch of Bank of China, Jilin Province, Zhang Ping, president of the Canadian Bank of China, Zhu, general manager of the Toronto branch of the book, etc. attended the signing ceremony. Xu Guangping first speech at the signing ceremony. He said that today we are here to witness Jilin Jien Nickel Industry and the Bank of China branch in Toronto, Canada Bank of China International and Jean work together on behalf of the Strategic Financial Group Hao expressed his warm congratulations to all parties! Over the years, Bank of China attaches great importance to the parties to the cooperation with Hao Financial Group, in the "going out" and a number of construction projects for the financial support we provide. We believe that cooperation in sowing the seeds of a good spring to the autumn harvest will be fruitful. Zhang Ping, president of Bank of China, Jilin branch, said in his speech, the famous Jean-Nickel mining company, is the nickel metal production industry leading enterprises, the Bank of China joint cooperation with the Jean-nickel industry, will the future for both the development of new opportunities. I am about to rely on integration of diverse business platform and business advantages at home and abroad, as Jean Nickel tailored financial services program to provide quality and efficient financial services. 加拿大 Zhu, general manager of the Bank of China branch in Toronto is also up to the book signing ceremony, expressed from different angles the theme of mutual beneficial cooperation. Frank and warm atmosphere of the signing ceremony, Wu surgery were branches of Bank of China Deputy Governor of Jilin Chen Bin, Canada, the Toronto branch of Bank of China, Zhu, general manager of strategic cooperation agreement to sign and exchange documents. Jean Nickel, Jean Jilin branch of Bank of China International and the Canadian branch of the Bank of China co-operation in Toronto, will add the company's overseas M & A event in a. Prior to this, non-ferrous metals industry, the international financial crisis to reshuffle the cards, Jean Nickel resources to seize the best time to buy in Canada and has acquired the Royal Mines free two listed mining companies, and venture capital company with the Jinxi co-prospecting. In the course of acquisition, by Jean Nickel Bank of China, Jilin Province branch, second branch of the Canadian branch of the Bank of China strong support in Toronto, a good working relationship is the basis for further cooperation. Jean Nickel cooperation with the Bank of China will build a well-Jean Nickel financing platform, to enhance the level of financing and capital management, enhanced ability to control risk prevention lay a solid foundation. Operations center in the capital to build the two sides, integrated credit resources, billing, collection of funds, overseas mergers and acquisitions and other areas of cooperation has broad prospects. We attended the signing ceremony on behalf of there Group Office Director Wang Yankui manager, corporate culture, the military director of bits long, the Finance Department deputy Renjing Chun Yao and so on. Jilin Branch of the Bank of China President Sun Yongzhi, Bank of China Jilin Branch of the Department for International Settlements, Operations, Risk Management, e-banking, money and paper centers invited to attend the signing ceremony. Jilin Branch of the Bank of China Deputy Governor Gao Zhiwei chaired the signing ceremony.