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Russias Norilsk Nickel said the company wishing to double Chinas nickel sales
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Russia, the world's largest manufacturer of nickel Norilsk Nickel (OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel) on Thursday said profits of the Asian market than the European market, the company plans to double the size of China's nickel market share. Norilsk Nickel deputy CEO Victor Sprogis accept the foreign media interview on Thursday said that the current nickel metal produced by the company accounted for 20% of China's nickel imports, plan for the future to expand this figure to 40%, but not to a specific time. Last year, Norilsk Nickel metal products exports to China of 25% of its total output, reaching a record high; the other, according to Bloomberg data, last year China imported a total of about 25 million tons of nickel.