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157 million strategic stake in Angang Jien Nickel Industry
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Anshan Iron and Steel Group Company invested 157 million yuan in the Jean Nickel (600432) The issuance of the subscription is completed in one fell swoop as Jean nickel industry the third largest shareholder, holding the proportion of 1.2%.

Angang This can be regarded as the layout of the upstream resources of nickel, after all, the production of stainless steel, nickel needs to be added. The Anshan Iron and Steel is not the first to see Jean-nickel for the value of the upper reaches of the layout of the iron and steel enterprises. Angang shares in the former, Baoshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. holds 330 million shares of Jean-nickel industry, accounting for 0.43%, ranked the fourth largest shareholder of the company, and with the additional completion of Jean nickel industry, Baosteel is also the third largest shareholder pushed to the eighth-largest shareholder.