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(One) the discussion of management circumstance of the whole inside report period and analysis

2008 first half of the year, because get the United States second borrow the crisis, dollar to devalue, the heavy goods price such as crude oil rises considerably, the system of Asian burgeoning economy such as Vietnam, India appears finance is queasy, and China lasts to answer high inflation to execute the multiple element influence such as policy of constrictive macroscopical adjusting control, concussion of perch of price of precious metal of international, home, nickel metal price drops considerably. The company faces nickel price to drop considerably, vitriolic wait for price of main raw material to rise considerably, exit drawback policy is adjusted and cost of the operation below constrictive monetary policy raises wait for adverse element, adopt actively answer measure, strengthen the market to develop further, be improved continuously and optimize engineering technology, reduce cost cost hard, promote riding quality ceaselessly, sales revenue of precious metal product and gain level rise somewhat compared to the same period, but the sales revenue of nickel product and gain level relatively the corresponding period dropped last year. 1-6 month company achieved sales revenue 2008 73, 5.37 million yuan, grow 22% compared to the same period, implementation profit total 4, 440 thousand yuan, drop compared to the same period 55 % , the net gain with vest in possessory parent company is 3, 1.56 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 58% . Originally report period expands gradually as a result of scale of production, the cash flow amount that management activity produces is - 15, 6.8 million yuan, than last year of the corresponding period - 5, 4.39 million yuan increase 10, 2.41 million yuan.

(2) company advocate business Wu reachs his to run a state

1, advocate watch of situation of product of line of business of business Wu branch, cent

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